Lessons from Montessori

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Test 2 Question 1. Presentations are offered to children so that they can perform activities. How do you differentiate between activities and presentations?

Presentations are:

1. Introducing the educational materials to the child, so that the child can perform and work with them in a purposeful manner while, It is said that the Activity of the child will become purposeful only when or if the materials used is for the purpose it has been created.

2. Presentations in Montessori has two forms, it can be direct presentations and indirect presentations. Direct Presentations has three types: Collective Presentations, Group Presentations and Individual Presentations.

3. Presentations are offered when the child is ready for it, after observing the child at work and we realized that he or she needs help to go further, sometimes you or we will be ask by the child or student, ‘‘Please show me how to work with this”?

4. Dr. Marie Montessori says that the presentations should be so attractive that it infuses life into the lifeless materials, she even said that the enthusiasm with which how adult present should be infectious.

5. It is said that the adult should and needs to prepare himself / herself for both forms of presentations -by reading, remembering and practicing all the time. The behavior of the adult in a House of children should be spontaneous and natural and, therefore the preparation should be such that this way of living becomes the second nature.

6. Presentations in Montessori are said to be given to those children with the intention of giving freedom to work.

7. It is also said that the presentations are given so that the child can perform the activity independently, thus this independent functioning is of utmost importance in the Montessori Method as it deems that human life is a series of conquests of independence.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8.
10. Establishing a direct personal and developmental relationship between the child and the means of development. 11. It opens the gateway to activities and there by the development of the child. 12. Presentations are done by the adult, guides the child to perform the activities. Independently and confidently. 13. Showing the child how to use the material independently.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How about Activities?

In our understanding and experienced especially at the Montessori school, we try to analyzed activities as some actions that are done with a certain purpose and must be in accordance with their individuals age.

When we analyze the ways of learning, we find out that the method of learning is different, especially during different stages of life. In a child's life, activities and actions take a different perspective. When we are pertaining to a child and activities, we are referring to a lifelong and individual activity that needs to be looked into, from different angles. And this form of learning and teaching takes us the teachers, to be our top priority when we deal with education as a means of development for the child, because the child is still in the process of building and construction of his / her personality. They learn by doing and the child NEEDS to perform activities in order to learn.

In the Montessori House of children, we made activities possible for children. The environment and the atmosphere are tuned to help children be active and thereby, make the process possible. Different kinds of materials are provided for the activities, to satisfy the developmental needs that the child will experience. Children are encouraged by their teachers or "guides" to choose their own...
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