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Lesson Plan - The Power of Persuasion: Lesson 2 Is Number 2 Of 9 In Unit Plan - The Power of Persuasion Jackie Durst: jdurst@access.k12.wv.us Reading and English Language Arts Eighth Grade 1. How do others influence our thinking? 2. What affects our point of view? Journal writing Describe a time when you were misunderstood. What were the circumstances and how did you clear up the misunderstanding? Directed Reading-Thinking Activity Using The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, brainstorm and make predictions about what the true story might be. Read the story aloud to the class. Discuss what makes the story different from the original story of The Three Little Pigs. Vocabulary words: perception, denotation, connotation, explicit, implicit, oxymoron, manipulation. Have students brainstorm a list of synonyms for each word. List on the board/chart paper to use throughout the unit. 1. Discuss RAFT activity and model for the class using a character from a fairy tale such as "Jack and the Beanstalk". 2. The character chosen is not to be the main character, but another in the story who would have a different point of view. For example, the giant‘s point of view in Jack and the Beanstalk would be that of a man who had his quiet life disrupted by some miniature boy invading his home and stealing his possessions. 3. Model the RAFTactivity by using the RAFT chart Role-The giant in Jack and the Beanstalk Audience-The townspeople Format-Oral speech Topic-Parents control of their children Students will develop a RAFT using a character from another fairy tale. The role will be from a character other than the main character. Give students a homework assignment to use the RAFT activity to create a written assignment. In the writer‘s notebook write your thoughts about...
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