Lesson Plan: Present Perfect and Past Simple Using for

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CELTA TP Lesson Plan Front Page

|Name: |Tutor: |Length of Lesson: 40 |TP No. 4 | |Day & Date: Wed 15th Feb 12 |Level: P.I. |No.of Students: | |

Main Aims: Language Point - tenses present perfect and past simple using ‘for’.

The main aim of the lesson is to:
Teach the use of for in two tenses: present perfect and past simple, in the context of short text about the teacher’s life.

So that by the end of the lesson, the learners can…..

Understand and use the present perfect and past simple with ‘for’ in their written and spoken form.

Subsidiary aims:
Reading, writing, developing fluency.

|Anticipated problems: |Solutions/intended action: | | | | |Lesson does not run to time |Keep an eye on the time and keep the pace of the lesson brisk. | | | | | |Be clear and concise when giving instructions | |Instructions are not understood by SS | | | |Monitor closely and correct. | | | | |SS may use the wrong form of the verb with the tense. | | | |Make sure the teach section is as clear as possible | |SS may have difficulty with the concept of present perfect | |

Assumed Knowledge:
Present simple tense. Vocabulary used in handouts.

Personal aims:
• Keeping to time and keeping the pace of the lesson
• Giving clear instructions
• Reducing TTT
• Monitoring closely

Materials (include references here and a copy of materials for the observer): 3 handouts: 1) Written text: About my Life; 2) controlled practice sentences; 3) freer practice sentences.

Pre-Lesson Evaluation:
1. How satisfied are you with the plan? What areas, if any, are giving you most concern? I am satisfied with the plan and am most concerned about keeping to time.

Language Analysis for Teaching

Context and Target Language :
Use of present perfect and past simple using for, in the context of a paragraph about where the T lives now and where she has lived in the past.


| | |I have lived in Glasgow for fifteen years | |I came to Glasgow NOW | | | | | |1997 | | | |CCQ: Do I live in Glasgow now? Did I live in Glasgow 20 years ago?...
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