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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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At the end of the lesson the students should be able to:
Identify the steps on how to install software.
Identify the steps to uninstall an application.
Understand proper software installation.
Install and update applications.
Demonstrate how to use Add/Remove Programs.
Use the add/remove programs option found in control panel in uninstalling the application.



VALUES:Name of the application.

CONTENT:Installing and Uninstalling Applications

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE:Add/Remove Programs

NEW KNOWLEDGE:Know how to install and updates applications and to understand the proper
steps to install and to uninstall a software applications.

REFERENCE:Digital Whizkids-Computer Fundamentals
Page: 158-163
MATERIALS: Book ,Computer, CD and USB

DRILL:Let the students understand the proper software installation.
REVIEW:Ask the students to demonstrate the steps on how to install and uninstall software and what are the task of being computer programmer or technician.

MOTIVATION:How will you become a computer programmer/ technician?
PRESENTATION:Demonstrate how to install a program of your choice.
Introduce and Explain the word “install.”
Discuss the steps on how to install a program.
Explain the importance of updating the installed program or software.
Show them a picture of USB or real one.

APPLICATION:Ask the students to demonstrate the steps on how to install and uninstall software.
Ask them if they know what device is shown to them and ask the students If they know how to use it.

GENERALIZATION:How to install and uninstall software.

EVALUATION:Let them define the Whizwords on page 159.

ASSIGNMENT:Answer the study help on pages 159-160.
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