Lesson Plan

Topics: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Word processor Pages: 5 (849 words) Published: May 24, 2013

Teacher:Romne Ryan M. Portacion
School:Aloran Trade School

I. Objectives:
At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
1. Familiarize the MS Word 2007 word processing program and all its features. 2. Identify the commands involved in MS Word 2007 and categorize each according to function. 3. Appreciate the usefulness of the basic learning of MS Word 2007 in the different fields of work.

II. Subject Matter:
Getting Ready with Microsoft Office Word 2007

Reference:Information and Computer Technology by Dennis Israel Nantes, et.al pp 96-101
Materials:Pictures, Powerpoint Presentation, Activity Cards
Strategies:Cooperative Learning, One Stray other stay Strategy, Brainstorming
Values:Appreciation of the Usefulness of MS Word 2007

III. Procedure:
A. Preparatory Activities
* Prayer and Greeting
* Energizer (Action Song)
Setting of Standards

1. Motivation
* The teacher will show pictures of writing materials. Then, asks the students to identify each. * Talk about these pictures.
* Ask the following questions:
a. What common purpose do these pictures serve?
b. How do they differ?
c. If you were asked to arrange the items in any order, how would you do it? d. Can you think of another item to be added to the selection? What is it and why?

B. Development of Lesson

1. Presentation
* Introduce the lesson of the day, then ask the students to write in strip what they want to learn. * The teacher will discuss the importance of the invention of writing. Then, ask the students “Why writing is important?”. * Through a PowerPoint Presentation, trace the development of writing materials. * Then lead to the discussion of the advent of word processors and the use of Microsoft Office Word. 2. Comprehension Check Up

* Ask the following questions about the presentation:
a. What was the first writing material developed by man?
b. What was developed in the 20th century that takes the writing technology into a higher level? c. Why do you think the invention of writing is very important?

3. Analysis and Discussion
* Introduce to the students the Microsoft Office Word Window. Then ask the following question: a. Are you familiar with it?
b. Can you name the commands in this window?
c. Can you identify the functions of each command?
* Then group them into four to start a group activity. Let each group assign a leader, a secretary and materials manager. * Provide each group with a picture of the MS Word window and word cards containing the names of each command. * Using the “One Stray, Others Stay” strategy, let each group discuss the parts/commands in a MS Word Window and their functions. * After the activity, lead the whole class to the discussion of the commands and functions in the MS Word Window.

4. Generalization
* Flash on the screen a MS Word Window, ask the students to identify each command and let them state its function.

C. Post Activity

1. Application
* Doing another group activity, provide each group with activity cards and ask them to follow the instructions provided in each.

Group 2
Direction: Encircle the letter of the correctanswer.
1. These allow you to move up, down and across your window by dragging the icon located on the scroll bar.
a. Ribbonc. View Toolbar
b. Status Bard. Vertical and Horizontal
Scroll Bar

2. This is the “horizontal bar” on the top of an active document that displays the file name of the current document.
a. Group Categoriesc. Title Bar
b. Contextual Tabsd. Office Button

3. This is the area where you type your document.
a. Quick Access Toolbarc. Zoom Button
b. Text Aread. Ruler
Group 1
Direction: Match the icon in column A by drawing an arrow towards its name in column B. B

Zoom Button
Title Bar
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