Organizational and Management Structure

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  • Published : March 17, 2012
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Organizational and Management Structure
Dora Mayes
Mrs. Williams
Introduction To Business

This report will show you the organizational and management structure that your company is seeking. After researching the competing organizations and doing a thorough investigation, we have gathered what we know to be the best for your company. This will include, but not limited to, Structuring Organizations, Departmentalization, and Organizational Models.

Organizational and Management Structures
To answer the question on whether you should have a Centralized or Decentralized Authority, we recommend that you go with the Decentralized Authority. There are many aspects to consider when faced with this decision; however, Decentralized will allow your customers wants and needs to be met more effectively. Your management team will be able to empower your workers and make decisions faster. Our reasoning for this recommendation is that, when you have people working for you at various locations, those people will know what is needed and wanted. Each area is unique in that way. For instance; if you look at JCPenney’s, Lowes, Home Depot, these companies have within recent years shifted to local tastes. Disney and Nickelodeon, two of the competitors whom you will be up against, both have the local communities in mind when they set operational standards. They localize their products for what is demanded. We feel it will benefit you more to do the same. When it comes to being a Tall or Flat Structure, We feel it would better suite your company to be a Flat Organizational Structure. This will allow you to have a broad span of control and a quick decision making process. A Flat Structure will also compliment the Decentralized Authority very well, offering more empowerment to the employees. When choosing to departmentalize your company, we would highly recommend that you do so in the terms of Product and Function. This will create an effective way for each...
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