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Stigma causes this population to feel ashamed and embarrassed to the point of hiding their illness and not helping themselves.
In my opinion old age begins when you start feeling old. As far as I am concerned age is just a number. If you are healthy and feel young then that’s what you are. The main influence which I think may define old age age status are the advances in medical technology. Due to the advances in science and medicine people are living longer than ever before. We are also becoming more increasingly aware of the different physiological changes which affect the elderly population so we can now do more to influence their situation.

As human service professionals we can all be advocates. Educating ourselves about all issues and problems affecting the elderly population will enable us to educate others about the senior population and create an on going ripple effect.

Based on my response, the theory of aging that best applies to my response is the activity theory. The activity theory suggests that the more physically and mentally active people are, the more successfully they will age (P 620). I totally agree that staying active mentally and physically can drastically slow down the aging process. Ever since I can remember I have heard and been taught to read and problem solve to exercise the brain as you would do with a muscle. I also believe it to be true for seniors and to me it just makes sense.

Zastrow, Charles, and Karen Kirst-Kishman. Understanding Human Behavior and the Social Environment Eight Edition. Eighth ed. Belmont, Ca: © 2010, 2007 Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning, 2010. Print.

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