Legislative Framwork in Health and Social Care Setting

Topics: Risk assessment, Occupational safety and health, Risk Pages: 6 (1335 words) Published: February 22, 2013
There are a large number of legislations in place to govern the health safety and risk management in a school environment, below I have listed and explained how it is adhered to at Ashcroft Academy;

|Health & Safety at work Act 1974 HSWA |This act ensures the health, safety and well being of all employees in a work place setting. It | | |also covers any person(s) who utilises the facilities, i.e. students, parents, visitors and also | | |contractors/builders carrying out work on the premises. This is the main legislative framework that| | |governs all work place settings in the U.K. The Act ensure that any employer that has more than 5 | | |people on as staff must have its own written health and safety policy and procedures, that has to | | |be seen and signed by all employees. It also specifies a duty of care that no person (specifically | | |students in my setting) that has any involvement in the school may be exposed to any risk to their | | |health and safety. Responsibility is also placed on the shoulders of the employee and those | | |involved in any works that take place in the school (students, visitors, etc) to ensure that they | | |keep themselves and others safe from risk by being mindful of their actions and that they need to | | |strictly adhere to the health and safety policy and procedures outlined by their employer, which | | |includes not interfering .with any item that is there for the purpose of health and safety (fire | | |alarms, fire extinguishers, etc.) | | | |When you start your employment with Ashcroft Academy you have to familiarise yourself with the schools health & Safety policy, and the policy is part of your| |contract and part of your induction training which needs to be signed and returned to the school. | | | |Management of health & safety at work Regulations 1999 |This legislative document states that workplaces must carry out risk assessments, to reduce or | | |remove any risk to employees and service users. All serious risk needs to be recorded and filed. | | |Employers provide a risk assessment form that is filled out by the member of staff to determine the| | |risk attached to a particular piece of work, an example of this would be during snowfall, building | | |services would carry out a risk assessment to determine whether the playing surfaces are safe for | | |the students to use, if the risk to injury are deemed to high than the playing are is cordoned off | | |and students are not permitted to...
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