Legion: Movie Analysis

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  • Published : June 2, 2011
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A film analysis of the movie Legion

A film analysis of the movie Legion

Devante Kennedy
Intro to Film

Legion the movie was about a how a group of people meets at a restaurant called paradise falls. They then meet an old woman who turns out not be your regular person. Confused about what is going on, a man by the name Michael shows up and explains the unusual phenomenon that has taken place. He tells them that God is unsatisfied with humanity and he has sent people like the old woman to come and destroy them. Just like before God was mad at humanity and sent a flood to wipeout the earth (the bible). Michael also said that he was the angel Michael and that he did not follow Gods instructions because he has seen good within one of the main characters. One of the people trapped in the restaurant is pregnant and the angel said that the baby that is inside of her will stop everything but it has to be born first. The group of people work together to fight off the creatures until the baby is finally born. The movie ends with Charlie holding her baby and Jeep her boyfriend driving down the road together. This movie appealed to me because of the plot with God being mad at humanity and that one soul could save everyone. It shows me that even though there are bad people in the world do not just get mad and say I do not care because there is still good people out there. In fact one of my favorite quotes from the movie was when Jeep asked the angel Michael “why didn’t you lose faith,” he said “I have watched you people wage in war but in the midst of all this darkness, I see some people who will not give up even though they know all hope is lost.” He finishes by saying “some realizes that being lost is so close to being found.” I chose that quote as my favorite because it is so true. For example if you look at our history, you will notice that when there is a decline there is always an increase.

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