Legally Blonde Analysis

Topics: Feminism, Third-wave feminism, Second-wave feminism Pages: 5 (1837 words) Published: December 15, 2012
“Legally Blonde” Analysis
Feminism has become the great issue in this modern era. The emerging of second wave feminism in the late 60s had bring a huge impact toward the position of women in the society. Women are free from the male values, while women have the equal rights in politic. Women also can quit from their domestic sphere. The movement of feminism still continues in the early 90s. The women’s movement experience a phase which the ideology of feminism had changed to be Third Wave Feminism. It is because the existence of poststructuralists, postmodern and postcolonial theories in that era. Third Wave Feminism focus on popular culture which has been construed as a form of post feminist backlash (Gillis and Munford ; p. 2 , 2003). As the consequence, many forms of third wave feminism are represented in the media as a form of popular culture, especially in movie. Movie is the best way to share the ideology or stereotype to the society. One of the movies which represent feminism is “Legally Blonde” starred by Reese Witherspoon. This paper will analyze the movie and its correlation with the theory of Third Wave Feminism which is emphasize on Harvesting Woman Strength based on the Journal of International Women’s Studies by Stacy Gillis and Rebecca Munford. Besides, it will use some Foucault’s theory about feminism.

The story of this movie starts when Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) has it all. She is the president of her sorority in campus, Hawaiian Tropic girl, Miss June in her campus calendar, and, above all, she is a natural blonde. It is not surprise that she is a fashionista as she is majors in fashion. In her campus, she dates with the handsome boy named Warner Huntington III (Matthew Davis). All she wants is to be Mrs. Warner Huntington III. While, there is a doubt from Warner to continue his relationship with Elle as she is too blonde. Warner told to Elle that he want to break up their relationship because Warner want continue his study in Law school of Harvard. He argues that Elle does not have capability to cope with him as he is a blonde girl and she is just a majors in fashion merchandising. Besides, Warner also insist that he came from a blue blood family and Elle means nothing to him.

This fact has make Elle being offended. She is not only sad because lose Warner but also she does not accept with Warner’s statement. As the consequence, she wants to prove that Warner is wrong. Then, Elle conscript all of her resources to get into Harvard and determined to win him back. After passes law-school entrance exam, she finally can enter Harvard Law School. Upon her arrival at Harvard, her classmates ignore her because of her naiveté and her fashion-holic style. She also discover that Warner is engaged with another student named Vivian Kensington. Elle feels upset with this reality and she realizes that the things happen beyond her expectation. After that, Elle went to the “Nail Care” and met Paulette, a divorced manicurist. Elle told her story to her and they became a friend.

In a party, Elle met Warner and hold a discussion. She finally realizes that Warner will never respect her anymore. Now she determined her own success and tries to win an internship with Professor Callahan as Warner and Vivian do. Elle studies hard and it is pay-off. Elle has won the internship and work with Callahan and an associate Emmet Richmond, and of course, with Warner and Vivian too. They are in charge to defend a murdering case which involve Elle’s ex-fitness instructor and a member of her sorority named Brooke Taylor-Windham. Brooke has been accused kill her own husband. Elle believes that Brooke is innocent, therefore, she admits to find the real killer and try to protect Brooke. The case against Brooke begins to weaken when Elle reveal that the guy which is provided against Brooke is a guy after he identifies Elle’s shoe style. Then, Emmet tricks him into identifying his boyfriend in court, proving that his testimony was...
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