Job Opportunities for Women During World War Ii

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Job Opportunities for Women during World War II

During World War II there were many job opportunities for women. The war opened new doors during a time of depression. As husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers went to fight in the war the women went to work at factories, offices, and even on military bases. These women went to work in paying jobs that were usually for men. Many women became journalists, photographers and broadcasters. They were covering the biggest story ever, the men that were at war and the women that were at home doing the man’s work. Women even joined the military. They were not put in front line positions but they did important jobs and many lost their lives. During the war it was not only the white women that were able to find work but the minority women were also able to. Before the war many lower class and minority women worked but they switched to higher paying jobs. The war had a huge impact on women in the work force and women in their homes. There was even an all American girl league of baseball during this time. This did not come easy though. With women working they had to deal with changes such as daycare and getting the children to and from. They also were still the primary homemaker and had come home from work and take care of the house and the family. During this time many empowering posters with women came out. One of which is known in households today. The poster was given the name Rosie the Riveter. It was an iconic image representing women in the home front war effort with the words “We can do it!” sent a very strong message to women during the war as well as women today. This poster was not the only one during this time period featuring pretty women. There were many posters, some encouraging women to do factory work, some encouraging women to join the military as nurses, some were for food donations or jobs like sewing. Women were getting opportunities that they did not have before the war. Before the war they were homemakers. Posters were not the only thing that influenced the women to work. Patriotism was a huge part. Women felt it was their patriotic duty to support their families while their husbands were away. Possibly the most important thing about the job opportunities that women had during the war is that although they began working because the men were at war they learned new skills, and learned that there was more to life than being a homemaker. Although after the war many women were laid off or forced into lower paying positions the women joining the work force during the World War II paved the future for all women.

World War II was from 1939-1945. The war had a huge impact on women and families. While the husbands, fathers, sons and brothers went off to fight in the war they left women back to take care of the home front. Since there were not as many men to work, the women stepped up to the plate and began doing jobs that were previously seen as men’s jobs. Although some women worked before the WWII era, there was a huge surge of women in the work force during this time period. Women were lured in with good marketing. They were praised for working because it was the patriotic thing to do. Marketing was geared primarily at white middle class women. The women were given many job opportunities during this period. Some jobs were typical women’s work while other jobs were working in factories in not so great work conditions. It was not only white women that were working; there was also an increase in colored women in the work force. Women however did not have it all easy. They faced struggles of childcare and being homemaker for the family as well as being a working woman. Some women greatly enjoyed working, others not as much but they all knew when the war ended so did them working. Life was much different when the men came back from war. Some would say that women going to work during the war changed the future of...
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