Legalization Prostitution (Sweden) Debate Paper

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Legalization of prostitution- Sweden

Prostitution is the exchange of sexual relations for economic gain. Most commonly, currency is used for transactions- being the most fluid of assets. Prostitution is a branch from the Sex Industry and is illegal in many countries. Prostitutes may be of either sexual orientation, but historically have been predominantly female. Brothels are specifically dedicated establishments where prostitution occurs. More countries are adopting the notion of ‘decriminalizing’ prostitution, whereby criminal penalties are often lifted.

Prostitute- Latin: prostituta “to offer up for sale”

Sweden – In 1999 the Swedish government passed a law criminalizing those who purchase sexual intercourse but have decriminalized prostitution (those who perform commercial sex work.) Pimping, procuring and operating a brothel are also illegal. In 2009, both Norway and Iceland adopted similar legislation. Within the public, it is generally seen as a problem and a form of male violence towards women and that the customer is the ‘criminal.’

- The earliest law on prostitution appears to be in 1734, which outlawed sexual relations outside marriage. The rationale was partly religious and partly hygienic.

-An attempt was made to ban prostitution in 1836, but within a year a state run brothel was established

- “Between 1983 and 1993 (particularly 1984–1987 and 1990–1992) some 50 bills were presented dealing with prostitution, many of which included the criminalization of purchase, and there was a major lobby within and without the Riksdag (national legislation assembly) from women’s movements and calls for more commissions” -Wikipedia

- In 2004 there were approximately 2,500 prostitutes working in Sweden. - Roughly 75% of workers work in a ‘non-visible’ market - indoors/home, brothels, and escort services. - 12% of Swedish men have admitted to purchasing sexual services.

"In Sweden, prostitution is officially acknowledged as a form of...
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