A Modest Proposal for Prostitution

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Bradley Hall and Victor Ruiz
Block F/ English 11 AP
A Modest Proposal for Prostitution
The current state of our U.S. economy is poor. The unemployment rate is sitting at a high 8%, and families are struggling to support themselves. With our country in this great deficit, we are in need of a new, thriving industry to create new revenue for the federal government.

The proposal we have come up with is neither or unreasonable. All parties involved would benefit greatly from this solution, some in more ways than one. Individuals who participate in this solution would better their financial status. This would also promote the general welfare for the U.S citizens that take part. It would save the government $200 million annually used to house criminals, and further generate revenue, therefore lowering taxes for the common American. This solution would substantially lessen the spread of sexually transmitted diseases while simultaneously keeping non-deserving people out of prison.

Hereby, we propose that the legalization, regulation, and taxation of the service of sexual activity in return for monetary compensation.
$200 million tax dollars are used annually to house johns (or customers), prostitutes, and procurers, better known as pimps. This money could be redirected to things such as education or for military purposes if this were to be legalized. The legalization of prostitution will open more doors to this industry, thus creating more jobs.

In the industry of prostitution, the biggest issue is the rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases. The rapid spread is due to the industry’s “underground” nature, and the unsafe manners in which they handle themselves. Legalizing prostitution would allow the government to regulate the activity to strictly disease-free individuals, thus, stopping the rapid spread of life threatening diseases. The government could establish brothels where all clients and prostitutes must have regular checkups...
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