Legalazing Guns

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Mike Doyle
Professor Jefferies
WRT 101-018
Final Draft Research Paper

Benefits of Firearms

Guns in our society today are detrimental or have a positive effect in some people’s lives today. A lot of people automatically think of guns and then they just relate it with criminals and violent activities. I think if our country were to ever make guns illegal, there would be a lot of controversy as to why exactly they are banning firearms. When talking about guns you usually have two types of groups that obtain a weapon. The one group you have is, the criminals or gang members that have illegal weapons; witch are used for generally committing crimes. The other group you have that I would be under is the people that love hunting or find skeet-shooting or other gun activities a hobby. I chose to write about how weapons should not be illegal. Everyone knows our society today is declining and people are having a tough time to make ends meet as is. By having weapons to hunt it brings in a few necessities to a household that maybe they wouldn’t need to pay out in the supermarket or clothing store. One main reason that hunting is good is because people can kill the animal and then properly gut the animal and have a plethora of meat for their family that could last for months. With animals that hunters kill, there’s also an option of making clothing out of their fur. Right there are two very good qualities that guns bring to our society today. I do think there should be more background checks of ones personal life history. I feel citizens in America benefit from having firearms by using them for sports and also to put food on the table for their families; guns should not be banned but restrictions should be implemented to protect the citizens.

Guns in America have always been an issue. I have always felt that they should try and regulate gun licenses more strictly than they do today. When people talk about banning guns I just feel that banning guns in general is to...
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