Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements

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Organizational Philosophies and Technology
Laura J Silva
September 10, 2012

Organizational Philosophies and Technology
Technology can add many positive factors to a company but it can also add negative factors if it is not approached in the right way. A manager wants to be able to introduce technology to their employees in a positive way to avoid failure whenever technology is presented. Technology can help a company set good communications skills, keep track of what employees are doing via the internet and telephones to assure employees and being productive. Technology can also help set fourth ethical standards and a guideline as well making employees aware of what is expected from the company beforehand. In this essay, I will be discussing how companies can use technology to help set and manage ethical standards and guidelines. I will also discuss how this can shape the type of work environment or culture a company promotes. Additionally, I will discuss how using technology to perform human resources functions affects company culture. Many people within a company must work together when it comes to technology because it affects everyone within an organization.

Many times people do not realize the difference that technology can make within an organization. Technology plays an important role in how ethical standards and guidelines are presented and supervised by management. The reason for this is that technology proves management with tools for this purpose. Technology can add good assets to any company but can also cause complex situations as well. More technology means more learning and everyone must be willing to keep up with the advancement of technology in order to grow within a company. Human resources also play a major part within a company in the way they utilize technology for the better of the company. Technology adds many good factors in the communication within in a company because it allows the communication to be much faster, easier, and clearer. In order to have positive results out of technology a company must utilize technology correctly. Many companies and organizations utilize technology in order to track the communication and productivity of their employees. Technology also allows for ethical standards and guidelines to be posted with public access on the internet, which allows for updates and memos regarding ethical standards and guidelines to communicate much easier. People in a management role do realize that technology plays several roles in setting and managing ethical standards and guidelines. There are many good assets when it comes to technology one being that it allows companies to monitor the communication and activity of users within the company on the computer and telephone systems. With technology e-mails, search history, and many other factors can be determined through networks. This technology helps a company determine if an employee is breaking ethical standards and guidelines set for them. With these types of managerial tools, companies are able to maintain observation of the actions of their employees and manage their ethical guidelines. When employees are provided with technology it help to set ethical standards because it provides employees with a publicly accessible place where they can view ethical standards demanded by the organization. Many company websites list the ethical standards they adhere to right on their company website. Many companies also have company websites that allow employees to login and access this type of information. The use of email and the ability to update websites also adds the accessibility and ease of communication among members of a company. These tools help a manager set guidelines and update them quickly and easily, and it allows employees instant access to this information. Technology is a powerful tool for managers because it is part of the daily functions of management. Technology can help a...
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