Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

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Legal and Ethical Issues in Business
Unit 1 Individual Project

In order for a business to succeed into the future growth is needed. The success of this company is not in the amount of products we make but the amount of customers we gain. In order for us to ensure our customers continue to do business with us we need to provide a product that holds quality as well as the company name.

With this being said there are a few products that could potentially be defective and should be recalled prior to distribution. Recommending that the product be tested over again for all possible faults as well as multiple stress tests to ensure the product carries quality for our company. After all not only is it a product of ours it is a business card as well.

All products will be tested through multiple stress test as well as chemical makeup. There should be no question to whether the product it faulty or not. If there is doubt with the product then distribution of the product will be put on hold. There should never be a rush when manufacturing our products. Rushing the assembly will always result in low quality items.

Our customer’s satisfaction with our products is what keeps the lights on. If a product is defective and we are not the ones to catch the defect not only is a customer lost but a lawsuit is filed. There can be no profit gained if payout needs to be settled in courts. Let’s do what we can to produce the best product the safe way and keep our customers happy through quality and price. Satisfying our customers ensures a brighter future for our company. 1. Addressing the necessity of not only gaining customers but keeping customers I identified the company’s main source of profit. Without the customers the business would not be able to continue into the future. Pointing out the importance of selling a product of quality dealing with the strength of the product as well as making sure it does not contain chemicals that are or could potentially be...
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