Leeper Lingerie - Total Rewards Assignment #3

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Human resource management Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: October 20, 2011
Total Rewards-Assignment #3
Total Rewards-HRM 533
May 15, 2011

Do you think that Keith was justified in insisting that the job, not the person be evaluated? Explain you answer.

Keith Hopson is chairman of the company’s job evaluation committee therefore I feel that he is justified in insisting that the job not the person be evaluated. Job evaluation is a technique used to determine the value of each job in relation to all jobs within the organization (McAlister, 2008). The job evaluation and the employee evaluation are based on two entirely different characteristics. The job evaluation clearly identifies and describes the task , creates the basis for the job description and relates to the tasks involved with the position itself, not to an employee. The employee evaluation is something that is done by the employees supervisor and is based on the job description that is created from the job evaluation. (Megan, 2010). The employee evaluation measures the employees overall performance of their tasks as it relates to the overall success of the company. Keith was asked to evaluate the job which involves the job function not the person who is performing the job, therefore, he is justified.

Do you believe that there is a maximum rate of pay for every job in the organization, regardless of how well the job is being performed? Justify your position.

Employers use pay scales to calculate salaries. The rate range for a job grade consists of a minimum, midpoint, and maximum rate of pay regardless of how well a job is performed. Many employers use a system such as BLR’s nine-factor analysis, a job evaluation tool to rank jobs based on skill, education, experience, and duties (BLR.com, 2010). There should be a maximum rate of pay but it should be based on the individual’s job performance. However, once you have reached the maximum rate of pay for your position the employee is not able to increase their income, at least not...
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