Leeches: Principles Leech Study

Topics: Leech, Annelid, Olfaction Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Bio: Ecological Principles

Leech Study

It is a most maligned animal, the leech. So it’s only fitting that we continue our animal studies by discovering the wonder of an often-misunderstood primitive animal. This is a two part investigation. Just see to it that both are done to the best of your ability. Getting to know our friend the leech. 1. You and your partner get yourself a leech, a shallow dish, and a magnifier.

Search through books, and the articles provided, to find...

a. The Genus species name (for any of the leech species): ______________________ b. The Phylum to which leeches belong:____________________ c. List the characteristics that leeches have which puts them in this Phylum: ____________________________________________________________

__________________ ____________________________________________________________

__________________ 2. Then, observe the leech under the magnifier for a little while, then draw it - pay careful attention to the mouth, and look for structures along the body too.

Draw your leech above. Body Part Functions: Clitellum: ___________________________________________________

Segmental Receptors: __________________________________________

Ocelli: ______________________________________________________

Behavioral responses of our friend the leech. 1. How do leeches respond to light? a. Get yourself a leech and a small beaker of distilled water. b. Leave the leech to get settled (may take a few minutes.) c. Pass your hand over the beaker to cast a shadow. Notice how the leech responds? Summarize the leech response to shadow:

WHY would a leech respond this way to shadows when out in the wild?

2. How good is a leech’s sense of smell? a. Get a clean dry small beaker, and place a fingerprint inside it somewhere. b. Add distilled water, and one leech. c. Place a leech in the beaker, and watch closely. d. Then, add a very small piece of liver to the...
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