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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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Kobe Bryant and Lebron James
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Kobe Bryant and Lebron James
In today’s world whenever somebody talks about the most favourite players then Kobe Bryant and Lebron James come on the top of the list just because of their remarkable performances and their young age achievements. They both have started their sports career from the school age and then they excelled in their respective sports of basketball. They both play for American National Basketball Association (NBA). Kobe Bryant plays as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and Lebron James plays for the Miami Heat. Lebron James also referred as a King James just because of his moves and his utmost versatility in basketball.

Who is better Leader?
It is really difficult to entitle one of them as a better player than other because both players have their separate recognition in the world of basketball. They both play as the backbone for their teams. Well if we look in the last season of sports then we will definitely find some remarkable knocks from the Lebron James. Lebron strived a lot in last season and struggled a lot with his teammates to turn the really hard matches into easy victories. Although, Kobe has great understanding with his teammates and his manager but sometimes due to the short temperedness he losses control on his tempo and takes some wrong moves that eventually count very negative impact on scoreboards. Trudell, (2012) defines “on the contrary Lebron has great quality to work with his teammates and lead them from the front”. This leading quality differentiates Lebron from Kobe to a greater extent and it also contributes towards his match wining performances as well.

Key Differences between them
They both are simply perfect in their teams. It is really hard to find any difference between these two worlds recognised players. There are following differences between them:

Style of playing
    Both players have...