Leaves and Passes

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Leave and Pass: Policy and Personal Accountably.

When used properly, Army leave and pass policy, AR 600-8-10, benefits the individual and over all Army operation. A soldier will be accountable to their unit as to their whereabouts during a period of leave or pass and will return to their place of duty at the pre-arranged time. As a Soldier we live by a high standard of values. And during extended leave, a weekend pass, or a military holiday, we are still expected to live up to these standards and values. In or out of uniform, we Soldiers are expected to act accordingly and abide by our creed. It is our duty to learn and follow the regulations and policy set forth, not just those referring to leave and pass policy, but to all areas of our military career. And as a Soldier relatively new to the Army, I’ve seen first hand how a lack or understanding or small disregard for policy can cause a rather large ripple in the organization.

The purpose of Army Regulation (AR) 600-8-10, Leave and Passes is to ensure safety, accountability, and create an efficient method for Soldiers to gain approval for leave and passes from command, to ensure communication and to encourage leaders to engage in the planning of off duties activities. To account for the location of all soldiers and to maintain mission readiness by not allow to high of a percentage of personnel on leave at a given time.

Every soldier earns 2.5 days of ordinary leave time for every month served, 30 days each fiscal year. And are authorized, on the average, to take 30 days of leave a year. Under normal circumstances, the unit commander is the approval authority for ordinary leave request. Ordinary leave is also referred to as chargeable leave. As it is charged and subtracted from the total days of leave that have been accumulated by the Soldier.

To request days of ordinary leave, the Soldier must first complete a DA Form 31 (Request and Authority for Leave). Normally this is done by the soldier no earlier than 30 prior to the schedule departure date. Under our current system, the DA 31 is electronically created, signed and routed. The request will include the name of the Soldier, social security number, the Soldiers unit ( station of origin - phone number ), the address of the planned destination, a destination phone number, the type of leave, the number of days requested and the corresponding dates. A soldier may also be asked to provide a brief description of their plans in the remark section (box 17).

Once the Soldier has completed the necessary blocks, it is then routed up the chain of command. The appropriate supervisor then annotates any corrections. In addition to the DA 31,The soldier must also fill out a “Request for Pass, Leave and Temporary Duty Worksheet” to be routed to command and finally to the Company Commander for final approval or denial.

As a Soldier, our list of responsibilities and personal requirement can become rather long. Upon request for leave or pass, the addition of the Leave and Pass Request Worksheet can help to identify any conflicting areas that may result in the postponement of cancelation of the leave request. Such conflicting areas such as: assigned duties or scheduled mandatory training on or during the requested dates. The soldier must make inquire to the status of their training and classes. An inquiry may identify areas of training that may be overdue or needed before the leave start date. Under most circumstance, the soldier will have an opportunity to complete the required training and proceed with leave plans. As Soldiers, we are also responsible for maintaining a high standard of personal health and physical fitness. As members of the military, we receive yearly check ups and health assessments. Before ordinary leave can be approved, we must take the necessary step to ensure that our MEDPROS record is current. As it must be current before taking leave. This could be as simple as getting a current eye or...
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