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York, Alana H.
31 January 2011
201st BFSB/C Co 109th MI BN
SPC Rubi, Caitlin/Team member
This is your counseling for pregnancy:

The purpose of this counseling is to inform PV2 York, Alana of her options for dishonerable discharge, what to expect as well as her responsibilies while still enlisted and resources she may use to receive help.

Preparing a Family Care Packet - Within your 7th month of pregnancy SM will need to start preparing a family care packet and complete a DA Form 5841 - Power of Attorney (You will need two, 1 for the short term provider and 1 for the long term provider unless of course it’s the same person… This POA is specifically for the FCP)

Profile - AR40-501 7-9. Profiling pregnant soldiers - SM will seek medical confirmation of pregnancy and will comply with the instructions of medical personnel and the invidual's unit commander. Profiles will be issued for the durations of the pregnancy. SM should ensure that the unit commander is provided a copy of the profile, and advise the unit commander as required. Upon termination of pregnancy, a new profile will be issued reflecting revised profile information.

Physical Fitness - SM will not be subject to body composition testing until at least six months after giving birth.

Work hours as outlined in profile - AR40-501 7-12.

Uniforms - SM may contact her unit supply sergeant to acquire maternity uniforms.

Pregnancy discharge (AR 635-200, Chapter 8).

Non-deployable status - SM will have 1 year non-deployable status for 1 year after the birth

Housing - 253-967-3191/ Bldg 2012, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wa 98433 for on-post housing. 253-967-5165/ rental setion and listed properties for off-post housing.

Convalescent leave - para 5-7 AR 600-8-10/ unit commander is the approval authority for up to 42 days convalescent leave after normal pregnancy and childbirth.

Military OneSource:
Offers up to six cost-free, confidential counseling sessions to eligible military personnel and their family members. Beneficiaries can visit Military OneSource online or call 1-800-342-9647 for details.

Military and Family Life Consultants:
Provide service members and their families with face-to-face, non-medical counseling and education about daily life stressors related to deployment and reintegration. Beneficiaries can visit MHN Government Solutions online or call 1-800-646-5613 for details.

Online Behavioral Health Resource Center:
Humana Military Healthcare Services, Inc. (Humana Military) offers an online behavioral health resource center to TRICARE beneficiaries in the “Health and Wellness” section.

Start preparing a family care packet around the 7th month of pregnancy Start doing physical fitness witht the installation's Pregnancy Physical Fitness Program group Go through supply to get new uniforms for pregant soldiers.

Check with doctor to get understanding of the restrictions the medications may have (driving restrictions, lifting…) Plans are to stay in the Army after having the child.
Contact housing to get on the housing list.
Keep supervisor informed of the charges in the work hours allowed by profile.

Schedule the soldier for an appointment with the company commander for her initial counseling for her family car packet (if needed) Contact the NCOIC of the Installation's Pregnancy Physical Fitness Program to get her scheduled to start PT with them. Coordinate the workload around the soldier's restriced work hours and other limitations. Signature of Counselor:


Individual Counseled:      
Date of Assessment:


For use of this form, see FM 22-100; the proponent agency is TRADOC


5 USC...
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