Leather Export

Topics: International trade, Export, Marketing Pages: 4 (1087 words) Published: March 12, 2013
 1.        Scheme Objective
* Provide livelihood support to the artisan involved in traditional artisan activity involving leather. * Increase the income of such artisans
* Introducing design development and product diversification to make their products more competitive qualitatively and cost-wise in the domestic and international market. * Capacity building and training of such artisans to help them keep pace with the changing fashion trend and latest technology * Providing Marketing support to these artisan

* Encouraging  formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs)
* Creating awareness in artisan about micro-finance system, savings schemes, credit facilities from banking institutions etc.  
2.         Basic Approach and Methodology
* Following a cluster based approach to identify clusters of artisans needing support to survive the traditional art involving leather * A base line survey of the clusters so identified for support - giving details of no. of artisans per clusters, their problems and areas that require support * Enroll required number of NGOs and other agencies for identifying such clusters and providing support to artisans * Select appropriate target group

* Set a clear target in both physical and financial terms that could be achieved during the Plan period with proposed intervention * Providing Design support to the artisans
* Capacity building and product innovation
* Helping the artisan by introducing product diversification * Formation of self help groups
* Providing Marketing support both domestic and international * Making available Raw material at reasonable cost
* Provide entrepreneurial guidance and support
* Providing training to maximum number of Artisans
 3.         Pattern of Assistance
        Assistance would be provided in the form of grants–in-aid to Regd. NGOs/ Associations or institutions already working for upliftment of Artisan willing to take up projects on...
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