Learning Styles

Topics: Critical thinking, Thought, Mind Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: December 24, 2012
My Personal Ethical Lens showed me in detail what is important to me in many different areas of my life. I learned a lot about different areas of my ethical perspective from taking the Ethical Lens Survey not just in school but personal areas of my life as well. I already knew what I valued and thought was important in life but it explained everything in detail and what my strong and weak points were. I value other people’s opinions and feelings and try to put how others feel before my own needs and wants. I value each person as an individual my preferred ethical lens is Rights which is the Responsibility and Results Lens. I display rationality which would be my reasoning skills, sensibility which is my intuition, and autonomy that is achieving the greatest good for each individual. My core value is protecting individual rights of people. I believe everyone has a voice and opinion that should be heard and understood when making a decision. Like everything else though I do have weaknesses the survey called blind spots. My blind spot or weaknesses are accountability. I struggle to be accountable to people depending on me because I am so focused on exercising my own free will. I may sometimes get too focused on the good in my thoughts that I fail to see the problems or missing links in my method or strategy. My strengths would be self- knowledge and my free will. I am very self- reliant and accountable to myself. I set my standards and goals high for myself and will not stop until I reach them. My weaknesses would be being accountable to those who are depending on me when I exercise too much of my own free will. I may become complacent, which leaves problems unsolved and everyone else to fend for themselves. I would use my personal ethics to use the critical thinking process and determine a course of action for a problem. A.I would use my beliefs such as doing the right thing, achieving the greatest good for other people, and ability to focus to plan out...
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