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Topics: Learning styles, Learning, Educational psychology Pages: 24 (6100 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Learning Styles for Information Literacy

1. Introduction

2. Directed Readings on Learning Styles

3. Learning Styles
Left and right brain
Kolb Learning Cycle
Honey and Mumford styles

4 Adult Learning Styles and Techniques

5 Information Literacy and Learning Styles

6 Conclusions

This block provides a brief overview of learning styles for Information and Library Management (ILM) students. It contributes to the curriculum, aims and learning outcomes of an Information Literacy (IL) module for Masters level courses in information and library management. The value of this block will be the contribution that it makes to the ILM student knowledge and understanding of how different learning styles will influence the learning processes of the user. This will impact on their IL skills and capabilities for using a diverse range of information sources. Support for pedagogic methods that address individual learning styles has proved effective across all sectors of education. This approach will be useful for information professionals to influence how they design and deliver information literacy sessions for their users. The aims and learning outcomes of this block are listed below:


• To introduce students to learning styles so that they achieve an understanding of how their users can learn effectively from the wide range of resources available • To encourage students to explore how Information Professionals can use learning styles approaches to support information literacy development for users.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the topic students should be able to:

• Understand the nature of learning styles and the development of different approaches identified through research • Appreciate how recent approaches to learning styles provide interesting challenges for Teachers and Information Professionals in encouraging effective learning and information literacy for a diverse range of students • Reflect on their own learning preferences and the factors that contribute to their information literacy.

2Directed Readings on Learning Styles
For this topic, I suggest that you read from items on web pages rather than psychology text books. Learning styles are still seen as the ‘populist’ end of psychology, so there is less coverage of these styles, even though they have evolved from psychological research. There are many websites related to learning styles. The following are a selection that provides a mixture from brief overviews, academic articles and tools to analyze your own learning style.

This site offers brief description of the styles with a test and many links to other sites. There are some free resources on a wide range of learning and management tools. http://www.lsrc.ac.uk/publications/index.asp

Learning Styles and pedagogy in post-16 learning. A systematic critical review. Learning & Skills Research Centre. NB. It will be useful for you to read this report but it is very detailed so use the other websites first as the quickest method for developing your knowledge of learning styles. http://www.vark-learn.com/

A site that you can use to analyze your own learning style.
This is the site of City College Manchester that has useful links to other sites with learning styles tests. Very useful if your time to search for these is limited! www.support4learning.org.uk/education

A site that contains many useful facts and links.
Some of the links enable you to identify your learning style and Multiple Intelligences on line. http://www.creativelearningcentre.com
An interesting site from New Zealand, that claims to provide resources to encourage the benefits of diversity to be accessible to everyone. There are some interesting...
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