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  • Published: October 29, 2014
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Project Report On Learning Lab Denmark Based on Richard Ivory School of Business Study on Organizing from Scratch INCLUDEPICTURE http//www.nie.edu.sg/files/practicum/Download/Misc/New_Jan_2013/Photo_for_International_Practicum/Astrid201.JPG MERGEFORMATINET Table of Contents Executive Summary Analysis study on Questions Has designing and leadership at Learning Lab Denmark been effective so far Why/why not What about organisational culture What are the opportunities and challenges of designing and leading Learning Lab Denmark Identify tensions, problems, issues, paradoxes, characteristics, and dilemmas that make organizational design and leadership ongoing challenges in new ventures such as Learning Lab Denmark. What is distinctive about LLDs design As a leader, how do you prepare for and manage the difficulties and challenges identified in questions 2 and 3 Consider actions, strategies and techniques that you might want to take/use. Be specific and illustrate with examples. What should Vaaland and Jesnen do What lessons can you draw from LLD Was LLD a success Conclusion Recommendations Bibliography Created in January 2001, the Learning Lab Denmark (LLD) is a research institution, initially funded by the Denmark Government, with the mission of doing Innovative cutting edge research in the areas of learning, knowledge creation and competence development . To achieve this mission the organization wanted a strategy of creating something new emphasizing risk taking and experimentation, but also to modify old theories and methods into new combinations. Although they are formally a venture of the Danish Pedagogical University, the organization see themselves as quite unique and separate from the other public organization with a focus on combining theory with practice to a further extent than traditional research institutes. For them Ideas were more important than rules Since its creation, LLD has been experiencing many...
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