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This Learning was written over a 5 week period to take notes of events,tasks I have dealt with.

Week 1(week ending 8th Jan 2010)

• It’s my first job for 2010. I arrive at work at approximately 7:35am – to start my first day of training.

• I was told initially that I would work from 8am-3pm, however the Hotel General Manager told me that I have to train till 5pm. The hotel had a rather quiet week and I felt that considering everyone works shift, I should’ve been sent home after the 1st shift was over.

• I, however had to abide by the instructions that I was given. It was bit tough considering I haven’t worked a full day job in almost 2 years. So, I have taken small baby steps before I can walk independently.

• The PMS system was new to me and the functionality still is taking me some time to learn.

• My first week at work felt successful – I have learnt that in any organization, one has the ability to learn whether he/she has little/no experience – all they need is to have the drive to put their mind to something and focus on accomplishing it.

Week 2(week ending 15th Jan 2010)

• My first week of Night Audit has begun. I have been thrown into the deep end, with no supervision.

• As far as I’m aware, every person that has worked Night audit was trained for 2 weeks before being allowed to work night audit on their own.

• However, the Hotel General Manager felt that since I’ve worked Night Audit before, he decided to make me work after 1 week of training.

• I, initially felt I wasn’t ready to work entirely alone, as I wasn’t sure if I will mess up. I did panic on the first night – I tried to perform the task duties as fast as possible.

• On Tuesday, I decided to use a different approach and write down things which I thought I was doing too fast , and I used this in helping me plan my strategy to perform these tasks better.

• After completely my 2nd week, I learnt that by “creating my own training manual” is helping me learn the duties more effectively and efficiently every day by doing things with a “step by step” approach.

Week 3 (week ending 22nd Jan 2010)

• It has been 2 weeks since I’ve started working.

• Work has been going well and I am slowly starting to feel more comfortable with my work colleagues and the systematic operations of the hotel.

• Still trying to learn all the functions within the Opera PMS system for the hotel, where the day to day transactions are processed. Finding it tough to master learning the system in and out.

• However, during the week I learnt a different function every day and took notes as to what the functions do. I find this helping me much better.

• Since I’ve started work, this is the first time I witnessed an event that took place today. I was able to see how a fully busy day was at the hotel takes place.

• I was able to take note of how things were done from the Kitchen/Restaurant-to the Spa-to-Banqueting.

• In my opinion, I feel that certain things was done in quick way and not overlooking guest satisfaction. Having said this, I suggested few general ideas today to the Manager on Duty.

• Even though, this is not my job title to change/implement new ideas – I thought this would show that I possess leadership abilities in some way.

• Have not heard proper feedback from the Manager on Duty regarding my idea, I feel good about showing him that I am interested in growing the hotel and with the organization.

• Hopefully this would allow for possible promotion in the near future – and bring more recognition.

Week 4 (week ending 29th Jan 2010)

• Just got back to work on Tuesday after getting a weekend off from work, as a bonus I ended up with the flu.

• Typically when I get the flu, my daily life gets affected due to the fact that I have a lifelong chronic ear problem in...
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