Learning Difficulties from Chinese and American Culture

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  • Published : July 21, 2012
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Learning difficulties from Chinese and American culture

Question 1

Different culture of East and West can cause problems in each other. American culture trends to individualism. They need for more privacy and personal space. They do not independent of other people. On the contrary, Chinese culture trends to collectivism. They need to more close physical contact and close personal relationship or friendship. They concern about other people live for building up a close relationship. Therefore, close proximity is often noticed in Chinese rather than individual privacy.

Besides, family behavior and interpersonal relationships also differ between American and Chinese. Chinese people focus on the nuclear family system. When their children grow up, they will look after their old parents. The family’s cycle never stop in Chinese. They try hard to protect and maintain their family life. We can learn more from our family. Chinese people believe that family is the best thing in their life and have strong family concept. (150 words)

Question 2

America is a competitive society. There is focus on independent and individual even if family relationship is equal. Children do not live with their parents when they grow up. After getting married, they will have their own family and own life. Then, most of the elderly who would like to live alone, do not like to live with their children or grandchildren. They do not like to depend on their children. Elder Americans love individual live and notice their personal privacy. They will feel ashamed when they cannot depend on themselves.

According to different culture, there is different view of elder Americans and Chinese people. Americans treat to the elderly with little respect only because they are too individualism. They are more independent on themselves. On the contrary, Chinese people treat their elder as treasure. They think that elder people must have more life experience and be more mature. They can learn more...
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