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Topics: Culture, Western culture, Education Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: December 15, 2012
A Comparison of Chinese and Western Culture

Different countries have different cultures. Chinese and Western culture are often used to compare. There is an old saying: East is east and West is west; never the twain shall meet. These two cultures will never melt together. They have their own value and belief. In this essay, I will further explain the differences between these two cultures in the following aspects: Self, religion and education system.

First of all, Chinese believe in collectivism and, Westerners believe in individualism. Chinese culture view group-orientated so important, which mean the Chinese regard themselves as a collective unity. In contrast, Americans tend to promote individuality and autonomy. Western emphasizes and encourages self-promotion and freedom. It is totally different from Chinese belief.

Westerners achieve their goals of success and happiness by self-dedication whereas the Chinese have behavioral ethics, and are dependent on their inner world and perceptions of external recurrence. The Western approach is to search outside of their own, whereas the Chinese prefer to adopt a systematic approach, and search within themselves.

Chinese, hold a more missionary and spiritual attitude towards life, compared to Westerner, who is overwhelmed by pragmatic, materialistic and emotional approaches. The Chinese believe in virtues and Westerners believe in value and outcome. The Westerners tend to analyzes and the Chinese usually meditate.

Besides, the majority of Chinese believe in Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, which state the equality of all living creatures. Human and animals or even plants are in the same value. Sky is a natural thing refers to all things.. On the other hand, Westerns’ primary religion is Christianity. They believe human beings are more superior to other animals and people can become better if they control their sinful actions and thoughts. They believe God is the creator of the world. That means all the...
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