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Topics: Exercise, Physical exercise, Obesity Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: May 27, 2012
This study involves critically appraising five different health promotional leaflets in relation to teenage health fitness and exercise. The analysis includes the evaluation of design, the effectiveness of illustration, textual layout, typography and contents. The organisation of material, language, readability, learning and motivation is also assessed. All five leaflets are looked at in comparison to each other, highlighting out all the pros and cons. With this information, a Health Education leaflet is designed to encourage teenage exercise. This leaflet will incorporate all the necessary points needed for a health promotion leaflet. This will be followed by a rational and a conclusion.

The critique will be based on the following leaflets
Appendix 1Fit Kids CDC (Children Development Centre)
Appendix 2Change 4 Life (ballet)
Appendix 3BLAST OFF with Lazy Town and Change4Life
Appendix 4 physical Activities and Mental Health
Appendix 5 Exercise is Good For You NHS
Before critically analysing the above leaflets it is vital to understand the importance of physical exercise and its relevance to general health. INTRODUCTION
Health promotion uses different strategies to educate, encourage, motivate individuals and groups as well as communities to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These include the use of leaflets, mass media campaigns, flyers, brochures and interventions (Taylor, 2000). There is much emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle for teenagers due to their risk adverse nature and the fact that they are the future. A survey was carried out using these five leaflets. This was to ascertain people’s choice and preferences and why they made those choices. What their interest was in the particular activities they choose and which information on the leaflet they found appealing enough to spark an interest. On this basis, coupled with the essence of what a Health Promotional leaflet should entail, such as,...
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