Describe Key Aspects of Public Health Strategies

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P1-Describe key aspects of public health strategies
There are many different strategies developed by the governments to monitor and care for the health of its people. These strategies help the public to live a healthy lifestyle and lead towards the betterment of their health. Controlling communicable diseases

The Communicable Diseases Branch develops policy to help with the surveillance, prevention, and control of communicable diseases. As well as advising the Government about individual diseases and immunisation. The branch also works to ensure the safety of donated blood supplies, to prepare disease outbreak plans, and to monitor disease levels elsewhere in the world. The prevention of infection includes, standards precautions such as; Hand Hygiene, Use of personal protective equipment (PPE): gloves, aprons, eye protection, face masks etc.Handle and dispose of sharps safely, Dispose of contaminated waste safely, managing blood and body fluids: spillages etc, and Place patients with infections in appropriate accommodation. These are some prevention methods which could be used to control infections from spreading. Controlling communicable diseases is important to public based individuals in improving their health by keeping them away from spreading germs and illnesses. Also, the government and the local authorities as it is their job to ensure that the public is protected from such infectious diseases which are becoming a major of the illnesses. Promoting the health of the population

Health- promoting activities to reduce ill health in the population. Health promotion is a process directed towards enabling people to take action. Thus, health promotion is not something that is done on or to people; it is done by, with and for people either as individuals or as groups. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen the skills and capabilities of individuals to take action and the capacity of groups or communities to act together to control over the matters of...
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