Leadership Self Analysis

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Leadership Self-Analysis
As per MSMQ assessment my dominant leadership styles are "Coaching", "Coercive", and "Affiliative" and my least preferred styles are “Pacesetting”, “Visionary” and “Democratic” in that order. I expected to see myself high on coaching as I use that style a lot at my work, hence I was not surprised to see that as my most dominant style in self-assessment. I did not expect to see my coercive style usage to be high and visionary style usage to be low. In fact, I was under the impression that I am more authoritative than coercive. I try to set vision for the team and make lot of effort to involve people in my decisions. I would need to observe myself if I instead of setting vision for the team, am becoming too directive and task oriented. Also, Initially I was also surprised to find myself mid-high on affiliative style as I am not a very social person. However looking deeper into the style I did realize that I am generally very friendly with team members and always care about their emotional needs and promote interactions within team. Based on this I feel this assessment accurately captured my style usage as mid-high. I did expect my pacesetting and democratic style usage to be low as I do not use them a lot. Based on this profile I see myself having strengths in using coaching and affiliative style often and limiting my use of pacesetting style. However I still have to work on reducing my use of coercive style and increasing my use of visionary style. If I am able to overcome these 2 weaknesses I feel I would be very close to ideal leadership style of using good mix of authoritative, coaching, affiliative and democratic styles.

Two months back I had to create plan for our 1 month sprint for the team. My team has 6 people reporting to me. Most of them are very junior and with little experience. I had 2-3 days to finish the whole exercise in which I had to figure out deliverables and work assignments for team members. Primary criteria for...
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