Leadership: Positive Thinking

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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We humans are born to life without knowing what we are going to do and what the life will bring us. I was born in Ankara, Turkey. My life started in the capital city of Turkey. We moved to Mersin first, which was in the south side of Turkey, then Istanbul. We have been living there since 1997. The reason why I mention that we lived in different cities of Turkey is I have seen different cultures and raised with that beauty of this experience. I will always appreciate that I had the chance to meet with a variety of people. Why was this helpful for my professional career? It is important to create a community rather than thinking of business as a battle. Therefore knowing the character of many different people would help me to communicate and understand their needs well. I worked for an automotive company for four years before I came to the United States for my master’s degree. It was always important for me to feel happy in my work environment. If I don’t feel good at work, there is no way to be efficient at my job. The essential part to understand is how should we see ourselves as a leader and act as a leader in our work environment. We shouldn’t see business as a battlefield. War is the worst word to use to describe business. There is actually no winner in the war business environment. Businesses that only think about winning rather than satisfying the customers are definitely on the wrong track of being successful. How do I motivate myself? I always take notes on what I will do daily and try to list it from the most important one to the least important. When I am done with what I should do I use checkmarks, which means I finished that duty. It is always so helpful to remember what is important to me during the day. Purpose is the quality we choose to shape our lives around. When I was working at my company, I told to myself what I want to achieve next. I was 28 years old and already a top manager of my company. I should set another goal in order to motivate...
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