Leadership Pattern in Pakistan

Topics: Ayub Khan, Institution, Organization Pages: 5 (1633 words) Published: May 10, 2013
“Leadership is the quality of an extra ordinary person
Who leads his polity towards prosperity and peace”

Leadership is the basic need of humankind and that is why even almighty sends more than one lac prophets to lead the human kind. Leader is basically a light of hope that shows the direction of success to the people and without leader a nation can mislead itself because of the absence proper direction. Man is gregarious animal and society is his need, so it is natural that man will go for its desire and in this search of desire human kind discovers a need of organization, because the main difference between the social animals and jungle animals is organization. Humans prefer to meet out their need in an organized way because of their wisdom superiority over all creatures as ALLAH himself mentioned in Quran

“ALLAH has made you the Ashreful Mukhlooqat “(AL-Quran)

So therefore an organizational structure becomes a necessary part of human life but before elucidating organizational role and importance, it is necessary to understand its basic definition. According to intellectuals organization is “the amalgamation of social, political and economic institution in order to form such a system through which mankind meet out their needs”. By this, one can easily conceive the importance of organization and its role. As organization is the sum of political, economic and social institution, so it is quite vivid that without a proper and pragmatic leadership one cannot form a workable organization. An organization sans a good leader would be nothing but a pipe dream because leadership and organizational behavior are interdependent. Moreover a concord leadership pattern and organizational behavior are the guarantors of a strong and stable nation state.

Pakistan a country that came into being on 14th of August 1947 was the product of two nation theory. It was quite evident right from the beginning that country ensue the democratic system as enunciated by Islam in order to run affairs of the state, where the individual would have the rights to exercise their lives freely and own private properties but predicament ally the system was not followed in letter and spirit.

The early years of Pakistan were full of challenges, the newly born state were facing the challenges from the differing corners. Just after the creation political tension erupted when some corners were demanding to make Pakistan a theocratic state while some were trying to declare Pakistan a secular state. Social organizational structure of Pakistan was also strangled because of a political turmoil. Moreover the weak economy of the country was further debilitating the social control of the Pakistan’s nation. In nut shell all the ingredients of Pakistan organizational structure were in deep waters, in such a crucial ultimately death of Jinnah in 1948 and Liaquat Ali Khan on 16th October 1951 created an irreversible space in Pakistan’s leadership clan. Growing political chaos weakened the organizational infrastructure of Pakistan and such critical situation paved the way to self-custodian, General Ayub Khan who imposed martial on 8 October 1958.

Ayub’s regime is “a decade of development “in the eye of the some historian while some consider it the era of “controversial 60’s”. But this debate is out of question whether it was decade of development or controversial 60 because this assuming of power was the clear violation of Pakistan Magna Carta i.e. objective resolution 1949. He was not the choice of people and because of his self-praising nature people of Pakistan scattered in different factions. Pakistan was clearly suffering from the absence of true national leadership syndrome. This leadership crisis cast a dark shadow on the organizational behavior of Pakistan.

Politically Pakistan become vulnerable to external threats because due to the dictatorial regime of Ayub...
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