Leadership Development Plan

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Who you are now and who you seek to become as a leader in the future WHO AM I NOW!
I started my career about four and half years ago as a technical writer, which lead to project analyst, then proposal coordinator, and now as a proposal lead and in transition phase of becoming a proposal manager. As a Proposal Lead, I am responsible for coordinating or leading all phases of the company’s proposal process for federal or state RFPs or RFIs related to healthcare. I possess the ability to deliver a compliant proposal, meet deadlines, a commitment to teamwork, and detailed follow-through of the proposals (including technical requirements). In addition, some key characteristics I possess about my current leadership style is hardworking, proactive, desire to succeed, and supportive. Skills: Proposal Management, Business Development, Problem Solving, Technical knowledge, Social Judgment, Traits: Dependability in exercising responsibilities, Participate in social activities Behavioral Style: 9,9 style; high concern for both production and people (commitment, trust, and teamwork) Kudos Received: Recently won a re-compete of $10M that I had lead!

Figure 1: Personal Improvement Plan.
This figure shows where I am currently in my Personal Improvement Plan, and where I achieve to be by the end of this year.

Skills Level:
Problem solving skills: I possess the creative ability to overcome new problems. Constructing solutions that account for the different needs and goals for each proposal is very critical. First, I identify the problem. Second, I gather information. Third, I teach and inform about the needed change. Fourth, I create different scenarios for how the changes will be instituted. Knowledge: Those with a lot of information are called experts. It is knowledge that allows a person to use the information of the past to confront the challenges of the future. My strengths are leading the large proposals and teams. I create templates such as outlines, writer’s matrix, compliance matrix or kick-off deck by thoroughly interpreting RFP requirements. I facilitate and lead review meetings and coordinate with external services provider. I manage large teams and keep them on schedule such that we deliver winning compliant proposals. Career experiences: This is where I get out of my comfort zone and maximize their learning curve. I take on challenging job assignment, mentoring, appropriate training, and hands-on experience with problem solving.

Self-Assessment of Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses:
* Organized: One of the most important skills I have learned throughout my career has been organization. It is crucial to be organized whether you are working in a team. I keep organized by maintaining a detailed weekly agenda outlining projects or assignment due dates. * Relationship Management: I began realizing the importance of positive relationships before when I joined Deloitte. After joining Deloitte, I worked as a proposal coordinator and held leadership roles. I quickly realized that by keeping relationships positive and professional, better final outcomes regardless of the goal are guaranteed. By growing a relationship with my clients, and coworker I am able to reach and achieve my goals I had previously set for myself. * Time Management: Because proposals are time sensitive (need to stay on schedule), I ensure that the team and I keep track of the due dates and not drift away. I maintain calendar of events when each proposal is due or any other tasks that I need to complete (e.g., trainings, brown bag sessions, or studies). * Self-awareness: I have the ability to recognize and understand my moods, emotions, and my effects on others * Self-regulation: I have the ability to control or redirect disruptive moods * Motivation: I am very passionate about the work I do, because of that I go beyond money or status to pursue my goals with energy and persistence * Empathy: Often I have the ability...
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