Leadership Crisis in Pakistan

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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Leadership crisis in pakistan

There is a great leadership crisis in pakistan. Each leader is fighting for the individual credit of his personal work and his fame. They pushed the national interests aside. Each party is comprised of a mob, not superior than their personal objectives. They leave no stone unturned in fulfilling their individual desires. The concept of National Integrity is vanishing day by day. Many "All Parties Conferences", were called to discuss national issues and threats. But all of such conferences, ends into the mist of personal grievances, of such party leaders. No body accepts that national interests are more important than their personal issues. They used to be, only upto their words, on such occasions, but are not practical at all. Unity, Faith and Discipline, are day dreams in the present status quo, prevailing in the country. A blame-game is continued between Senior Politicians, on minor issues. It seems that each of them is fighting, to enlarge its political creed. What can then a citizen expect from rulers, leaders, etc, who are custodian of this country. The democatic norms are severly crushed by different players, in the country. Some says, there are non-state actors, other blame, enemys of democracy, in shape of Military Interventions. It is the need of time, that we should thought above our personal aims and objectives. We must take each individual citizen of the country, into confidence. By correcting our individual-selves, who could correct our rulers, leader and the people around us. We should Unite for the sake of this country. No body will come to correct us, it sould be we ourselves we should learn from our personal errors. "United we stand, divided we fall". Unity, Faith and Discipline, could lead us towards a bright future. A future, towards which world nations, will desire to reach.

by muhammad ishfaq khan
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