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Topics: Leadership, Management, Sociology Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: October 25, 2012

A leader is someone who guides, helps, or directs others. In the novel The Chrysalids by John Wyndhyam, leadership is what helps the telepathic group escape successfully and survive outside the community of Waknuk. David, Gordon and Michael’s leadership skills help all of the group members in various ways. These three characters are good leaders because they guide and direct their group to reach their goals.

Firstly, when David takes on the role of being a leader, he gives precise orders, which helps their plan be successful. For example, when Michael informs David that they need to escape out of Waknuk at that very moment, David tells Petra, “Get dressed as fast as you can. Overalls. And be very quiet” (123). David is making sure Petra knows exactly what needs to be done in order for them to get out of Waknuk safely and quickly. Another example is when Michael tells David what to tell the Norms in case of an examination. David passes on the information to Petra by saying, “Do you understand that Petra? You tell them you can just make think-pictures to Rosalind and me. Nothing about Michael, or Sealand people” (155). David is reassuring that Petra understands what to say and what not to tell them because if she tells them something she’s not supposed to, their plan will be unsuccessful. Finally, when David is teaching Petra about thought shapes, he tells her, “Do it slowly and gently, as if you were making it out of cobwebs” (113). As David educates Petra, he specifically tells her how and what the thought shapes should be like, which helps Petra learn everything faster. David always has an objective in mind and it’s always reached when he tries his best to guide others.

Secondly, Gordon leads his group by making sure his men are strong enough to know that they need to go to any extent until their purpose is complete. For example, when Gordon is telling his men what to do with David, he says, “Chuck him out. And if he doesn’t seem to...
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