Leadership Behavior Were Exhibited by Colonel Novak

Topics: Leadership, Skill, Situational leadership theory Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Air Force Supply Squadron
Abdul Kuddes

1. Introduction
Leaders Colonel Novak introduced himself and emphasized how important the group’s mission was to the success of the war. At the time of assuming the position, the situation was unwelcoming. They were short of supplies, staff, and replacement. Organization and coordination were poor and there was little cooperation and teamwork among different sections. Morale was low due to the workload, and the stress of the zone battle. During his first few days, the colonel Novak tried to learn more about the personnel in his unit. He visited the enlisted men at work and off duty, talking to them and showing a personal interest in them. He listened to their complaints, and did his best to respond to their concerns and whenever possible tried to deal with their issues about the terrible living conditions. He flew along with the airplane crews on some of the supply missions. Even in one occasion when supplies were urgently needed at the front lines and the squadron was in difficult situation, he pitched in and worked beside the men all during the night to load the planes. Leader Colonel Novak took time to know his people. This is a challenge for leaders to recognize their followers’ ability, knowledge and skill. This simple change might enable the leader to determine each of their subordinates strengths and weaknesses. Colonel took a little time to know each person’s skill and ability were, and roughly about their backgrounds. As he found out more about the capabilities his men, he reorganized the squadron to place people where the best use could be made of their skills and experience. In staff meetings, disagreements were discussed and worked out, and responsibilities were assigned when all concerned were present. 2. Leadership Style

Colonel Novak adopted the Trait theory of leadership, the trait approach to leadership studies the traits, motives, personal other characteristics of leaders. Colonel Novak...
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