Leadership and Systematic Change Essay

Topics: Teacher, High school, School psychology Pages: 4 (1553 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Leadership and Systematic Change Essay
Stephanie Boxler
Grand Canyon University EDA-575
April 24, 2013

Leadership and Systematic Change
An article about leadership by Forbes magazine sums it up best by saying that leadership is simply “someone who has followers” (Frobes.com, 2013). The school subject is Innovations International Charter School of Nevada (IICSN), and in this facility there is only one administrator. This administrator will be referred to as Dr.M throughout this essay. In the following essay, leadership style and application will be addressed, as well as information on systematic change. Throughout this week, systematic change has been the topic of conversation, so in this essay, there will be a discussion as to how change should be administered, as well as information learned on systematic change. Identifying the characteristics of IICSN’s administration took quite a bit of work, for the simple reason that they take more of a Laissez-Faire approach. If you research the style that IICSN possess, you will notice that many of the employees are highly qualified and should have no problem completing a task without micro-supervision. This style of administration lacks the support of the administration for those that need guidance. In most cases, not all employees are self-sufficient and need some sort of leadership to get them started. Having a lack of supervision can course poor production in employees, lack of control in the workplace, and in some case increase the liability and cost of a school or business. In answering the first question, there is no differentiation in leadership styles between administrators because there is only one administrator. Dr.M runs the school single handedly as a principal and CEO. There is no Assistant Principal or assistant to help her with her duties. The staff has complete autonomy in the classroom and you are likely to see the principal only when an evaluation is needed. Her...
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