Topics: Teamwork, Team building Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Answer 1:
The evidence that people from different units worked with each other and every team member has benefited from home rehab day event because each one shared their own opinion and took control of their work. Also, this event boosted their trust, care and sharing which result in a better teamwork development, in addition, after completing the home renovation each team member knew that when they go back to work they will be a better team player, however, some members like Ian Graham did not believe it. Answer 2:

1. Developing a norm of teamwork: By doing endless activities such as home rehab day would establish a norm of teamwork between team members. Also, she should encourage teams toward group accomplishment rather than individual accomplishment. 2. Serving as a model of teamwork, including power sharing: Maria did not get the team members opinion of the home rehab activity, so she should share ideas, power and valuable information to improve team development. Also, she should act as one of the teams rather than a leader. There is an example in the book that I admired which is a team leader might say, “Remember the deadline. We must all have the proposal in the mail by Thursday.” A less team-member oriented statement would be, “Remember the deadline. I need the proposals in the mail by Thursday. 3. Emphasizing group recognition and rewards: It is valuable for groups to show appreciation and offer rewards for their accomplishment, which reinforces teamwork. There are many ways of group recognition such as

* Team of the month award
* Give the teams an extra-long lunch break on occasion
* Team logos on items such as T-shirt, mugs, key rings.
Answer 3:
The evidence in this case that all ten members participated in painting the house together, also at the end of the project the team exchanged smiles, high fives, and hugs which made them eventually become closer to each other. I my opinion team spirit is essential for teamwork...
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