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Executive Summary

The aim of the module Leadership and Mentoring is to develop a student’s knowledge and understanding about leadership and preparation to undertake the role of mentor. This is because leading others and acting as a mentor provides insightful ways of developing self and others. Contemporary methods of leadership married with mentoring provide an opportunity for the student to explore both leadership and mentoring in a variety of contexts and purposes. A person who except the role of mentor may have to adopt or use many different skills depending on the needs of the learner. The mentor is likely to develop a leader-follower relationship and may carry out a wide range of directing and helping strategies to facilitate successful learning. This module will put mentoring into a learning environment and prepare the student to take on the role of mentor.


|No. |Contents |Page No. | |1. |Introduction |1 | |2. |Definitions of leadership and mentoring |1-3 | |3. |Levels of leadership |3-5 | |4. |Leadership models |5-7 | |5. |Mentoring models |7-8 | |6. |Skills or competences needed in leadership and mentoring |8-10 | |7. |Benefits of leadership and mentoring |10-11 | |8. |Self-assessment on potential to lead or mentor others |11 | |9. |Conclusion |11 | |10. |References |12-13 | |11. |Appendices |14 |

1.0: Introduction

Leadership is very important in our daily lives. Without leadership, our lives will be in a topsy-turvy state. It is especially essential to preserve the well-being of any group, team, organization, or country. This is because the assets that truly bring much development to any group, team, organization, or country is people (Maxwell, 1995). Sir Henry Ford (1863-1947), one of the greatest scientists and contributors to the automobile industry recognizes the importance of leadership within an organization when he said, “You can take my factories, burn up my buildings, but give me my people, and I’ll bring my business right back again.” From here, Ford gave prominence to the importance of organizational staff and that people is above all other elements in an organization. People, who vary with the role they play in an organization, can either be an asset or a liability to an organization. It all boils down to the leadership and mentoring of that particular organization.

2.0: Definitions of leadership and mentoring

2.1: Definitions of leadership

Leadership is defined by Peter Northouse (2007) as “a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal”.

The definition proposed by Northouse (2007) shows some similarities in the following definitions:

1) The ability to...
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