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Health inequalities

Numerous research studies had illustrated on the connection between socioeconomic factors and health inequalities in the community, which is evident worldwide. According to World Health Organization (2012), health inequality is defined as a disparity in the health status or in the allocation of health determinants between different classes of population. I will like to review on the issue of health inequalities and poverty in Singapore, while concentrating on related lifestyle factors such as Exercising, drinking and smoking upon healthy life expectancies, as compared to similar statistics in United Kingdom (UK).

Singapore had meticulously climbed towards first class status, and was ranked 25th in the global Mercer Quality of Living Survey (2011), while upholding the current top position in Southeast Asia. This country had earned its reputation as a well-developed and prosperous nation, with a wholesome image that many expatriates might find attractive. Health inequalities and impoverishment appear distant in such a flawless setting, whereby destitution and hardship doesn’t materialize. Unfortunately, poverty does rear its ugly head in Singapore, and the community need to be perceptive of this compelling concern which may be a larger problem than what was originally conceived.   

There are several mistaken beliefs that poverty and health inequalities prevail only in underprivileged countries or war ravaged nations. In a contemporary society that is well developed, e.g. Singapore, it is traditionally imperative that the public image displayed is one of social competency and completeness. This results in a subsequent false sense of security, where critical problems of social inadequacy and insufficient resources seemed vague and far-fetched in an advanced community (LankaNewspapers.com, 2007). It is important to focus on the deficiencies of our system, and advocate for positive changes in our society.

In accordance with the...
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