Leaders Who Changed the World

Topics: United States, Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil disobedience Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: September 6, 2012
Abraham Lincoln

Mr.Lincoln grew up as a small child and walked 9 miles to school every, 9 miles and even though he never graduated high school, he was probably the most influential president of all time. He stood up or what was right and was the leader of the north against the south. Which freed slavery and eventually made the america that we see today.

I look up to Abraham Lincoln because most people just classify Republicans as racist bigots when in fact Abraham Lincoln was a Republican. Most people look as a leader as a well educated man who fought in the war and Lincoln didn't even graduate high school and was able to convince people that he was a good leader.

Mark Zuckerburg

Mark before 10 years ago was just a nerd at Harvard who really didnt have many friends and was extremely talented at computer programming. He used that programming to the test and made “The Facebook” which eventually just became facebook. Facebook when it started just became a sortve college hook up site for college kids to talk to each other. Then it began expanding to everywhere. Now facebook has over 1 billion users and Zuckerburg is a multi-millionaire.

Without facebook the world would be so much different, social media has changed the way the world communicates. Instead of texting 8 different people, i can go on facebook and send a multiple instant message and get an instant answer. Facebook has also changed event planning, since everyone has a facebook, everyone can get invites sooner without waiting in the mail.

I look upto Zuckerburg cause with one idea he made millions and millions of dollars, hes a perfect example of what capitalism can do for the country.

Martin Luther King

He goes down in history as one of the principal leader of the civil rights movement and a prominent advocate of nonviolent protest. King's challenges to segregation and racial discrimination helped convince many white Americans to support the cause of civil rights in the United...
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