Le Soccer Game O Fun

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I allowed myself three snoozes before I opened my eyes to see the peak of the sun still rising. I shot a glance at my light blue uniform that rested on my dresser in despair when I realized, yet again, it was one of those Saturdays. Just like I had done the past Saturday morning, and like I would end up doing next Saturday morning, I would be dragging myself to another one of those soccer games today. I took a shower, got dressed in my outfit, and headed out of the house with a scowl on my face.

The whole way there I kept hoping that miraculously the game would be canceled. From the corner of my eye I saw the field lights emerging from behind the trees come into my view. Finally we parked and I got out of the car a knot resting in the pit of my stomach. With about 10 minutes until the game, I took my time walking over to the soccer field. As soon as my coach came into sight, he looked right at me. Before he even had the chance to blow his whistle and sarcastically tell me to “take my sweet time,” I hustled over. I plopped onto the bench next to my other teammates as they prepared themselves strapping on their shin guards and loaded up on water. I tied up my soccer cleats extra tight and tugged on my high blue socks, ready to get this game over with. Most of my other teammates got up and took a few last practice shots into the goal, which they never failed to score. Seeing them score with such ease, their eyes lighting up with confidence provoked the ambition and drive deep inside me.
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