Le Corbusier

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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In Le Corbusier works in other cities, the pattern he was working on is obvious. Probably he would use the same pattern in Beirut. Downtown Beirut already exists as the center of the whole city named as (solider). It consists of both residential buildings and commercial buildings with many restaurants and cafes serving mostly for wealthy people. Le Corbusier would have rearranged this center to serve mostly for commercial needs especially as high skyscrapers for offices and some residential flats for the wealthiest people in Beirut. Each of these skyscrapers would consist of a green area that fills the biggest part of the building’s space. Also each building would have its own restaurants and cafes that serve independently. Expanding a bit more from the city center and next to the skyscrapers would be the area for low story -mostly three story- buildings which would be the area for luxurious shops and restaurants. This would fit properly in Beirut since the city center is located next to the sea so it would make a nice socializing space. Moving out from the commercial area there would probably be the start of the residential spaces with apartment blocks to house the citizens and mostly the wealthy classes of them. Transportations bases and highways interactions would meet also in the center of the city on different levels according to Le Corbusier’s works, in which he would probably put a train hub that extend to serve all around the city and basically a train axis that goes along the sea shore since it is always crowded and it connects the eastern and western part of the city, besides the high ways and secondary roads which would be uninterrupted by the building forms. Another thing that should be mentioned also is that Le Corbusier would segregate pedestrian circulation paths from the roadways and glorify the use of the automobile as a means of transportation. Further from the city center of Beirut, the remarkable thing is the huge existence of the slums all...
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