Le Cabanon

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Le Cabanon

In plan, Le Cabanon has a radial scheme in which the dynamics of the space are directed to isolate the core of the house. Similar to St. Gall, there is an inward focus to the essence of the architecture. Every piece of furniture is placed in relation to the central core. As Corbusier states, “volume and surface are determined by the plan”. Le Corbusier painted on the window panel, so that when closed his focus would be directed into the interior. The siting and purpose of Le Cabanon reflect isolation as well. Built as a retreat overlooking the natural word, it serves as a physical and emotional removal to modern life. The identification of the horizon and vast sea through windows explore the infinite. The physical infinite inspires the individual metaphorically.

Plan of Le Cabanon: day and night areas

Plan of Le Cabanon: Radial Scheme and Circulation

Interior of Le Cabanon: Interior focus, painting over the window (1)

Taking the concept of the singular cell from Le Cabanon, Le Corbusier explored the possibility of joining multiple cells to form a community in designing the apartment complex L’unite D’habitation. In section, the apartment cells also uses a radial scheme. They interweave each other and form a dialogue by sharing the same space. The physical relation to the neighbor further emphasizes the occupants to be interrelated to form a social body. Finally, the individual comprises the whole. Cells are bounded in a grid to form a solid block of architecture.

Le Corbusier, El cabagnon
Naturaleza: Se ambienta en un acantilado con mucha vegetación con vistas al mar, lo que se refleja en las materiales de los que está compuesta la casa.

Forma: la experimentación con los materiales contribuye a la moderna disposición del refugio

Material: materiales tradicionales, que se pueden obtener de la naturaleza, con formas nuevas

Espacio: planta libre, diferencia entre el espacio de día y de noche. También trabaja con el mínimo habitable definiendo así también su forma

Luz: Destinaciones funcionales (A) e implantación del mobiliario (B) están delimitados por la figura helicoidal; día, 1, noche, 2. La posición de las figuras y las aberturas: 1. Micro paisaje (la ventana está contra un talud); 2. Vista sobre la parcela; 3. Vista sobre la bahía de Mónaco

Función: Para que funcione todo conjuntamente, introduce el recorrido para descubrir la arquitectura (tiempo y espacio) a través de los trazados reguladores (relaciones geométricas)

It was built between 1951-1952, is where Le Corbusier preferred to spend summers in the months of August and September. Earlier in 1949, Le Corbusier Rebutato met Thomas, a future owner Unité de camping (1957) and owner of the bar which lies next to the holiday cottage where he had direct access. Was conducted in parallel with the proposed Chandigarh and the completion of construction of the Marseille Housing Unit. It is part of a group of buildings clustered around Létoile de Mer, which consists of some camping cabins. Le Corbusier used to say: "I have a castle on the Riviera who is 3.66 meters by 3.66 meters. I did it for my wife and is an extravagant place of comfort and kindness. It is located in Roquebrune, on a path that reaches almost to the sea. A tiny door, a tiny ladder and access to a cabin embedded below the vineyards. Only the site is great, a superb bay with steep cliffs " Location

Roquebrune-Cap Martin, France.
High in a concrete structure, this cabin is being built in the City of Ajaccio (Corsica). It is one of the projects built entirely of wood. It was designed based on the "Modulor", a system of measures directly related to the human scale, invented by Le Corbusier. It is considered a simplification of his thoughts and views on architecture, because the "Cabanon" has been a bright year modulation in a micro space, is a cell that sums up the idea machine for living. Spaces

It is...
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