Laws and Leadership in Society

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  • Published : October 14, 2007
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Laws and Leadership in Society
If the world did not have established laws and leadership then society would become Anarchy. There would be more crimes committed because there are no laws for people to follow. Nobody would have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. Positive leadership in society is also needed because leaders make difficult decisions that benefit the entire group.

Leaders are the role models of society because people follow them. For example in the story called Life in Troll Country the trolls killed the King. After the King was killed the trolls were unable to make good decisions when they were faced with a problem. For instance, when the trolls suffered a drought there were mass food shortages throughout the country. Also, when the trolls where deciding to build a bridge the loudest troll with an armed group of followers was the only troll that made the decision of how the bridge was going to be built. This example displays that without a leader to guide society during tough situations then society will suffer.

We should have established laws because without laws for people to follow then people will do whatever they wanted to do. For example, my friend and I were going to a grocery store to buy drinks because we were thirsty after playing basketball. Upon entering, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet and I had no money to buy a drink. My friend suggested that we should steal the drinks and hopefully the surveillance cameras will not see us. In the back of my mind was thinking of the consequences if I had committed this crime. I might get away with it or get caught. In the end, I decided that I was not going to steal the drinks. I was thinking of the law in my mind. If there weren't any laws I would probably steal the drinks without hesitation. Laws make people think of the punishment they will get if they commit a crime. I think laws greatly impact the decisions of a person because it is the rules that someone must follow....
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