Leader as a Role Model

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Role Model
People who influence our lives in positive ways a called role models, it is a key quality of a leader to be a role model. Followers want to follow a leader who they can point to as an example in almost every thing they do. Good leaders set the pace for their followers by their lifestyle, behavior, and actions. Leader as a role model

Followers will become a fan for life for a leader who becomes a mirror through which they see themselves and make adjustments to live a worthy and better life. If truly one wants to survive in the leader ship position he will have to pay close attention to the needs of the followers. If the leader wants to lead by example it is not simply being proactive or taking initiative when a call to action is sounded. 1) leader must show a group that he willing and able to take part in the the decision making activities set by the group and submit and abide by them just like every body else, in the same thought a leader can not tell his team or group to strive for the best if he himself visibly does not demonstrate any such initiatives. 2) He has to sacrifice his personal convictions, set them aside in order to achieve an overall objective. A leader is a figure head, he has to show that he is in command and, but along side that also portray the image of a good follower. the leader has to always remember one thing the though he can be the top notch of the company he is not separate from the team he leads, in fact the leader is right in the middle of the entire team and is an essential part of it with an essential role to play just like every body else in the team. “Leadership is helping people you lead succeed”

What Great leaders do?
Great leaders use themselves as a role model to demonstrate the basics of performing at a high level for the people they lead. They know that time is scarce and a non renewable resource. How leaders spend their time is a true test of what they thing is important. Problems and crises are inevitable. Great leaders are at their best in these situations. They don not over react when they encounter a problem and crises. Instead, they remain calm and focused thus showing grace under pressure. Leaders know that people they lead continue to do things for which they get rewarded. A pat on the back and a “good job” from a leader go a long way to ensuring that the people they lead will continue to perform at a high level. Great leaders are specific and timely when they reward or recognize the people they lead. On the other hand, great leaders know that some of the people lead just get it, or want get it. These people respond only to sanctions and a negative feed back. The good news is that these types of people make up a very small part of most work forces. Great leaders deal with the poor performance in appositive manner, leaders has goals of turning poor performance, not punishing it. Leaders who lead by examples are mentors, willing to give of themselves to promote the growth and development of others. These leaders get to know their employees and build relationships with them which last a lifetime. They learn employee names, know about their families and take time to understand what motivates and inspires them. Most importantly, they practice the behaviors that motivates and inspire others, these leaders demonstrate strong ethics and moral behavior in their business and personal life. How to be a Good Role Model?

To be a good role model, be an example to all your members, inspire them to be like you, to be a good role model for the group or team members the following should be practiced: Try to give your feedback regularly to team members

Develop a positive attitude toward work, negativism will not help you out, positive attitude always helps your team to visualize a common goal. Trust your team members for the things that they can do for for your company. A good leaders always shares their vision and knowledge, should be able to implement a plan and and share it to...
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