Law of Disruption

Topics: Emotion, Psychology, 21st century Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: March 29, 2013
The main issue in this case is about privacy problems and how they are invading our daily life. There is an emphasis that the idea of privacy is directly related to emotions and has psychological roots. The privacy problem is more an economical problem, consumption being a key economical factor in the 21st century is leading manufacturers, retailers and business owners to use personal information in order to understand customer behaviors. This case presents the pros and cons of RFID, a new technology that can replace barcodes in the near future. The most controversial aspect of the after sale potential of EPC is that this technology can send information through our home network back to manufacturers. The case also exposes the differences between European laws and American laws regarding privacy issues and how they cover them. An interesting part in this case was about the “privacy paradox”. The idea that people value their information and try to safeguard it; however they are ready to post those private information in Social media’s. I was interested by how “club card” worked and a 5 percent discount on a card means that the store is willing to pay 5 percent of our bill in order to access our shopping information. Another interesting fact in this case is the emphasis that personal information is seen as a commodity; therefore manufactures are trying to find an economical value for it and separate it from its emotional value. My key intake in this case is that public information is collected for better services and that holding our information private is just a psychological way of protecting it. In practice we do not have any preference to protect it and we are willing to share it. Every new technology that has the ability to collect, store and use information will create strong feelings in the society. This strong feeling is just a human reaction to new technologies and people being scared that they will invade our personal life; the reality is that humans...
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