Laura Lund Letter

Topics: Teacher, Education, Learning Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: April 19, 2012
Vernon McMillian
Pressure from the Higher Ups
MTE/562 Assessment and Evaluation
Professor Lisa Goya

Pressure from the Higher Ups

Laura Lund
1005 Lunaai St
Kailua HI, 96734

February 9, 2012
Principle Goya
Horace Mann Elemaentry School
1375 Grove St.
Aiea HI,

To the administration and faculty,

As it stands right now, I am faced with a dilemma based on the methods in which I have taught in the past, and the new methods in which I feel are more suited for todays learning environment. Our social and educational community is divided on whether traditional or more modern methods of teaching are more successful. In my opinion, every method in teaching is the same. They deliver a message to the students and are generally retained and modified for their use. With this being said, there are obviously pros and cons to either approach to instruction.

In the traditional method of teaching, we as teachers orally and visually present information to our student in a manner in which we attempt to make understandable to all. We inform students to sit up straight, look directly ahead and not to talk to anyone. In this scenario we have complete control of the class and things run pretty smoothly at times. But, what are we doing for the students who do not truly understand the presented information. These students are regularly deemed as the ones who cant learn and are disruptive. This usually is completely untrue.

The only problem with theses students is that they are not suited to learn in this manner. By taking a more modern approach, we can incorporate movement and manipulative for those kinesthetic learners. At the same time we can open the floor for more material related conversation as well as more visually striking charts and graphs to further educate our auditory and visual learners respectively. Even though it seems more hectic and even chaotic, and it is, I feel it is more productive in the overall education of our youth.

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