Latak Ng Minahan

Topics: Provinces of the Philippines, Mining, Regions of the Philippines Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Ikaw at ako ang mag-aambagan para bayaran ang naiwang bakas ng minahan.

* 18,000,000 Hectares of land is known to have an abundant supply of minerals. * The five (5) minerals that are present and are being quarried are: Gold, Copper, Chromites, Silver, and Nickel. Others are: Limestone and Clay. * It is valued at 800Billion USD to 1.2Trillion USD or approximately 50.2Trillion PHP. * Where in 2010, the extracted minerals was priced at 5.2Trillion PHP already. * The number of large scale miners is numbered at: (33) Metallic and (56) Non-metallic. * 3.85Million USD or up to 4Trillion USD are already invested for the mining industry. * The share of the Philippines is just a staggering 2% excise tax. * Teddy Casiño said that it was a “sweetheart deal” of the mining industry and the government. * Nigeria 28% excise tax, Australia 10% excise tax (along with other countries) is given to the mining investors. * The Philippines is the go-to in mining because of the 2% excise tax. * Out of 39,000,000 people, 0.6% or 211,000 Filipinos are employed for mining. * According to the Philippine Mining Act of 95, export is the main goal of mining. * Other countries like Taiwan China, South Korea, US and Australia are the ones being benefited by mining instead, of us, Filipinos. * Three (3) Pillars of “Responsible Mining”:

1. Economic Pillar, result to a positive economy.
2. Environmental Pillar, regenerate the environment.
3. Social Pillar, develop the communities where the location is. When one of this pillars are not met then it won’t be called responsible mining anymore. * Central of mining: CARAGA
* Platinum Group of Mining Corporation
Environmental hazard: Laterite has already covered the coral reefs near their site. * Rio Tuba Mining Corporation
Environmental hazard: Dust everywhere caused by their trucks. * Surigao Del Norte
10km from shoreline, corals looked like metal and the sea was...
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